Estratetraenol – My Magic Potion

So I promised I would share some personal experiences about my use of estratetraenol? Well, here we go! Now, I use Dr Amend’s Pheromone Advantage to attract men formula, and it contains estratetraenol as one of its main ingredients. I have been using it for about three months now and have noticed multiple changes in those around me, none more so than with my boss. I work in an office as a secretary/personal assistant/whipping girl for my boss. She is like the female version of Chef Ramsey from Hell’s Kitchen. She constantly barks out orders, nothing is every good enough, and perfection is the only thing expected from her employees.

Now remember how I said that estratetraenol can have a calming/thawing affect on other women around you when you wear it? Well, it turns out to be true. I wore my pheromones to the office in hopes of catching the mail delivery guy’s eye, and I did! But I also caught the attention of my boss. It was weird. At first she just started actually stopping at my desk to give me orders instead of yelling them from her office. Then she started actually using a normal tone with me instead of that drill sergeant call that I was so used to. I gotta admit, it threw me for a loop when she actually asked me how my weekend was and listened with interest.  Now she treats me like her best friend in the office and even insists we have a weekly lunch meeting to coordinate her schedule. It is a complete 180 from the way things were before.

Now I know what you’re thinking, maybe she just decided to be nicer. Doubt that! She is still the same to the other girls in the office and I stopped wearing for a week because I ran out and forgot to order and things went right back to the way they were before. It was Crazy!

Well, that is one amazing story about how Estratetraenol is my little magic potion! More to come next time on how things went with the mail delivery guy! ;)


Estratetraenol – The Key to Femininity

As promised ladies! Here is some more amazing information about Estratetraenol!

Estratetraenol, which is related to estrogen (the female sex hormone), creates an aura of uniquely feminine sensual appeal, of ultra-femininity,  and encourages people to treat you with gentle kindness. Estratetraenol is produced naturally by child-bearing women and is not present at all in men. It has a calming effect on both men and women, and will tend to make people more amiable, solicitous and friendly around you. It makes other women who are stand-offish, visibily thaw in your company. It softens the moods of those around you, and seems to make people want to do things for you. It’s effect on men is soothing, and it inspires in them a craving to want to protect you and cuddle with you.

There is so much more I want to share with you, but for now, just think on what I’ve already told you, and if you’re ready to give estratetraenol’s amazing effects a try, gives this product a go!


Estra! Estra! Read All About it!

Hello Pheromone Seekers!!

My name is Linda E., and let me be your personal informant about Estratetraenol!

When I first got into learning about pheromones two years ago I had NO IDEA what any of the stuff was.  Sure estratetraenol, copulins and other pheromones were in many of the products I found out there, but I wanted to know more. So, being the inquisitive little busybody I am, I decided to investigate! I found some pretty interesting stuff, and I want to share it with you!

For now, let’s talk about one of my favorites called estratetraenol. Turns out, that this this one little hormone plays a key role in sexual behavior, and I have a LOT to share from my research and personal experience.

Stick with me girls, and I’ll give you this inside scoop regarding estratetraenol, but for now, check out my favorite source found in this great formula.


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